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Railway Station High Penetration Xray Scanner Machine

Railway Station High Penetration Xray Scanner Machine

Model No:AT-10080 X-ray baggage scanner Tunnel size:1010(L)*803(W)mm Popular model in big x-ray Luggage scanner.Windows operating system,dual energy,160KV x-ray generator, Perfect scanned images..

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Product Details

X-ray baggage scanner Model: AT-10080 

-----scan oversize objects Typical Steel penetration 32mm


Product introduction:

The company's self-developed multi energy radio-graphic inspection device, using multi energy detector and digital image processing system that is comparable to the world's top products, detects the items, and its performance is safe and reliable.

Scanned images:


Leading advantage:

● Full lead: the product performance parameters reach the international first-class level, high definition image, strong penetration, high resolution, strong material recognition ability

● Use the British imported SENS-TECH acquisition system, HAMAMATSU original detector, digital ray source and other high-end quality brands, the quality and performance is very stable.

● Real parameters: the performance parameters in the actual use of the product are in full agreement with the inspection reports issued by the Ministry of public security, and the results of the test report are more authentic and reliable.

● Safety and environmental protection: the equipment conforms to the safety environment standard, the one key shutdown and the intelligent energy saving mode have won the patent.

● Stable and reliable: the production process is strictly controlled according to the ISO9001 quality management system. Through strict high and low temperature test, damp heat test and vibration test, it is ensured that the product has a continuous movement for more than 10000 hours.

● Service guarantee: 24 hours after-sales telephone at any time to provide technical support for customers.

General specification:

Unit weight


Unit size


Tunnel size


Conveyor speed


Conveyor height


Conveyor Max Load



Typical 32mm steel,guarantee 30mm steel

Wire resolution

Typical AWG38, guarantee AWG36

X-ray dosage each inspection

Typical 1.5μGy/h,guarantee 2.0μGy/h

Boundary leakage

Typical 1.0μGy/h,guarantee 1.5μGy/h

Power consumption

Max 1.0KW

S/N ratio


Film safety

Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film



X-ray generator

160KV,oil cooling,from top to bottom


CPU:Intel Celeron 2.60-2.70Ghz,hard drive 500G,Storage 2G


Dell or Acer,17inch LCD screen,resolution 1280*1024 pixels


AT2005,designed by Safeway system

Operation system

Windows XP

Operation table

Single screen console

Imaging system

Japan Hammatsu detector +UK sens-tech PCBA


Image enhancement

1-64 times enlargement continuity,Color/BW,negative,high/low penetration,

Organic/inorganic Stripping,general enhancement,and pseudo color,etc

Image recall

30 preceding images recall-able,retrieval.

Image archive

Up to 500,000 images stored automatically,enable transferring to USB disk,and converting to JPG,BMP,XF,PNG,TIFF,GIF six formats.

Other functions

Time/date display,counters,user management,system-on /x-ray-on timers,power on self test,built-in diagnostic facilities,dual-direction scanning,system log,system standby and stimulant training,ADS etc.

Network applications

Multiple remote applications available based on Ethernet LAN and windows platform,such as image centralized storage and identify,recheck workstation, and network TIP, etc(Optional).

Operating environment:

Operation temperature/humidity


Storage temperature/humidity


Operation power

220VAC(±10%)  50±3Hz:100VAC 110VAC 120VAC 200VAC

For more details,pls check pdf file attached.

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