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High Penetration X-ray Luggage Scanner Machine

Model No: AT-6550 X-ray baggage scanner Tunnel size:658(L)*500(W)mm Bigger than 5030,another popular model in X-ray baggage scanners. Windows operating system,dual Energy,140KV x-ray generator,Perfect scanned images

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Product Details

Subway,station X ray baggage or luggage scanner
Model: AT-6550 ------Typical Steel penetration 32mm

6550 参数和尺寸.png

The company's self-developed multi energy radio-graphic inspection device, using multi energy detector and digital image processing system that is comparable to the world's top products, detects the items, and its performance is safe and reliable.


System function:

open machine self-inspection, multilevel users management, image management, TIP management, curve diagnosis, system equipment information, mirror images, 1-16 times magnification, operator training, accurate positioning, clear channel reminder, equipment information query, fast switching language, U disk upgrade software, remote real-time view images, one button calibration, a key shutdown, intelligent roller (optional)

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