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Economical Airport X-ray Luggage Scanner Machine

Model No: AT-6550A X-ray baggage scanner Tunnel size:658(L)*495.5(W)mm Bigger than 5030A, another popular model in X-ray baggage scanners. Linux operating system,single energy but provide high quality scanned images,80KV x-ray generator

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Product Details

Airport or railway station x-ray Baggage Scanner for medium size packing security check

Model No:AT-6550A


Production description:

AT-6550A belongs to the X-ray baggage scanner product family,which are designed for the security inspection of the small baggage, parcels,suitcases and handbags etc.

 It is the medium quality version for this smallest size,very popular fro larger handbags & package inspection.

 its widely used in the shopping malls,subways,schools,factories and other infrastructures.

Highlight Features:

With Linux operating system

Built-in ARM CPU

 With Digital signal and processor

Continuous hard work for 10000 hours

Energy saving design

Single energy

Good quality images

Product size:



For more details,pls check pdf file attached.


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