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6 Zones Walkthrough Metal Detector Gate

Model No: AT-500 Rainproof design 6 zones LED display walk through metal detector 100 levels sensitivity each zone,Unit price :USD650-850/unit,Payment: sight LC or TT Delivery: 7 days,Packing: cartons

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Product Details

6 zones outdoor rainproof walk through metal detector gate

Model No:AT-500


Product brief introduction:

· Rainproof design: the national exclusive rain proof design, can be in the open (rain) normal work, no need for shelter.

· Precision: the highest sensitivity in the middle of the door can be detected in the middle of a coin, can be done one hundred times to detect one hundred times, will not be missed and reported. It can also exclude the influence of belt buckle, leather shoes and bra, and detect 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals, or control cutting tools and firearms.

· The six location showed that the products are divided into six zones, suspicious objects can display in each region accurately.

· The number of Statistics: we can detect that the number of people who go through the number and the number of people who go to the police will go to 100 people for 100 people. There will not be more or less.

· Sensitivity adjustment: sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, and there are one hundred level sensitivity.

· The material of the door body: the appearance uses the paint PVC, the side is the aluminum alloy pillar, the rain proof, the fire prevention, the collision prevention, will not scratch.

· On both sides of the door post lights: there are two rows of LED lights on both sides of the door post, which can intuitively display the location of the alarm and the sound and light at the same time.

· Panel display: high brightness digital display through the number of people and the number of alarm and alarm location

· (selected) can use remote control to control the parameters. The parameter can be protected by password so that unauthorized personnel can not operate.

· A communication interface is reserved. It can be connected to a computer, a camera, a three roll and so on.

· According to a variety of environmental electromagnetic interference, the system adopts the world advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and the sampling signal of contraband correlation operation and filter using DSP processor, so that the complete set of equipment with strong electromagnetic anti-interference ability.

· A number of working frequencies can be set, so that many devices do not interfere with each other when they are working adjacent to each other.

· The cardiac pacemaker with the wearer, pregnant women, magnetic media and other harmless.


Standing size2220 (high) x 820 (wide) X610 (deep) mm
Channel size2000 (high) x 700 (wide) x 500 (deep) mm
Main box packing size700x305x200mm
Detection door packing size2300mmx630mmx180mm
Master box / probe door board net weight70 kg
Host box / probe door board gross weight75kg
Working voltage210V~240V 50/60Hz
Working environment temperature-20 C ~ 55 C

Install steps:


Spot images:


AT-500 范例_副本.jpg


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