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6/12/18 zones Door Frame Metal Detector

Model No:AT-500A Outdoor waterproof type 6/12/18 zones walk through metal detectors Vertical dimension:2210x810x605mm Vertical channel size:2000x700mm Gross weight:75kg Working voltage:AC90V~240V 50/60Hz Power consumption:10w Signal frequency:7000-8999Hz(adjustable)

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Product Details

Outdoor waterproof type 6/12/18 zones LED display walk through metal detectors

Model No:AT-500A



Highlight features:

Stable performance:6-12-18 zones options

Two LED lights bar show threats location on human body.

Extremely high sensitivity to find even tiny threats.

IP55 waterproof design.

Sound and light alarm

Operation way: remote control.

Leading advantages:

Ultra high sensitivity: can detect the metal of half clip size, not leaking and reporting

Exclusive alarm function of flying objects: metal objects are thrown from the middle of the door and the alarm will be done.

 Intelligent identification: can distinguish between ferromagnetic and non ferromagnetic metals

Ultra low detection height: metal objects above 2CM away from floor can alarm in the detection area.

Multi location alarm function: multiple metals in different positions alarm at the same time at the security door, and can indicate the position of multiple metals.

Self diagnosis function: self check on the system at the start of the machine and display the result of the test

Multi region independent detection: independent detection area, 300 level sensitivity of each region is adjustable

Modular component design: transportation, convenient and quick maintenance

Exclusive rain proof design: normal work in the open air when it rains

Technical parameters:

Generation specification:

Vertical dimension


Inner frame


Working voltage

AC90V-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Unit weight


Signal frequency


Working environment

-20℃ to +45℃

Sensitivity adjustable

Level 0-299


Sound and light

Max distance

0.3m at low sensitivity,0.5m at high sensitivity


Remote control transmitter

Metal detect door main board,rev 120+ remote control receiver

Master control board


Light bar

Long bar,metal detector door Ledbd,V040

Short bar,metal detector door Ledbd V010

Digital display board

Minni-a door oanel board,REV040


Loudspeaker,8 2W,black,75mm*32mm*27mm


Operation ways

Remote control only


With the highest sensibility,it can detect the metal article as small as the clip. With the range of 0-100,it can be adjusted the sensibility easily,pre-set the weight,volume,size and location in respect of the metal articles and elimination the false alarming for the coin,key,jewelry,leather belt button etc.

Infrared counting

The intelligent counter can calculate the number of the passenger flow and the times of alarming,

Alarm settings

eight kind of alarm sound.

Detecting areas

Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas,simultaneous alarming from multi-areas and accurately ascertaining the location of the metal articles according to the layout of the metal articles.

Operating environment:

Operation temperature/humidity

-2045℃/≤90% non-condensing

Storage temperature/Humidity

-2555℃/≤95% non-condensing

Operation power

220VAC 50Hz(optional 100VAC 110VAC 120VAC 200VAC)

For more details,pls check pdf file attached.

Spot images:

500A spot images.jpg

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