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6/12/18 zones Walk Through Security Door

AT-200C 2017 NEW MODEL main box type 6/12/18 zones walk through metal detector External dimension:2200×840x340mm Passage dimension:2000x700mm Net/gross weight:40/45kg Working voltage:AC90V~240V 50/60Hz Working frequency range:1—100 bands 400 levels adjustable sensitivity.

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Product Details

Main Box Type Walk Through Metal Detector

Model No:AT-200C  6/12/18 zones optional


High detection sensitivity

Super strong anti-interference ability

Self - diagnostic program, self-test after electricity, 6/12/18 detection zones, each zone can be individually set sensitivity

High brightness color LCD

High strength material, powerful fireproof, anti-corrosion, shock resistance, real-time background environment interference monitor

400 levels adjustable sensitivity each zone.

Equipment performance:

The system has the function of displaying environmental monitoring data; high performance, high sensitivity and high stability ;

It has the function of system networking, and can manage multiple devices through 1 PC.

Pre - set the weight, volume, size and position of the metal items, and easy to eliminate the false alarm caused by the key, jewelry, belt buckle and so on.

For more details,pls check attached pdf file.
According to the EMC electromagnetic radiation standard, using the weak magnetic field technology, it is harmless to the wearer of the cardiac pacemaker, the pregnant woman, the floppy disk, the film, the video tape

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