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6 Zones LCD Walk-through Metal Detector

Model No: AT-008A 6 Pinpoint zones Dual system detection function 300 levels adjustable sensitivity each zone,LCD display Unit price :USD1200-1400/unit Payment: Sight LC or TT ,Delivery: 7 days,Packing: cartons or as to customer's request.

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Product Details

Walk Through Metal Detector gate

Model No:AT-008A 6 zones



Adopting world advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and anti vibration design, with high sensitivity, anti-interference ability and strong seismic capacity, safety inspection for knives and guns and other dangerous items, widely used in prisons, courts, schools, hospitals, electronics companies, ports, passenger station, exhibition hall, conference the center, major celebrations, concerts and other important places.


Accurate location: Six overlapping network detection area division, bilateral emission, bilateral reception, can accurately locate the detected objects, and directly display the location of objects.

★  Multi zone alarm: multiple metal positions can be located at the same time.

★ Microprocessor technology: the scanning electromagnetic wave is produced by the microcomputer control circuit, and the scanning rate can be accurately controlled. The control panel is set according to the needs of the control panel to ensure the flexibility, reliability and stability of the sensitivity setting.

★ Super strong shell protection technology:IP 54 superior waterproof performances (optional)

Complex circuit design: scattering infrared device, rapid induction, computer automatic identification, can reduce misinformation and misreport, automatic statistical alarm times, through the number of people

Self-adaption debug system:can adjust the detection standard adaptively while entering debug system.

Digital pulse technology: a digital signal processing filter system, with excellent ability to resist electromagnetic interference.

Adjustable sensitivity: each detection region has 300 sensitivity level (0 ~ 299), according to the requirements of the detection location adjustment to the appropriate sensitivity (sensitivity the greater the value, the higher the sensitivity), overall sensitivity is adjusted at the same time for the six district.

Working frequency:working frequency can be achieved by manual or automatic ways.

Password protection settings: only the correct password is entered, the program and sensitivity and other parameters can be changed. The password is six digits, and can be set by the user. (Note: the password of system settings can not be modified. )

Serial communication: the data communication interface is reserved, which can be connected with the computer.

Work frequency: a large range of 100 level working bands.

Modular design: using modular design, easy to install, easy to troubleshoot.

Strong resistance technology:In the absence of state through the strong collision and impact resistant ability, standby normal operation, is not affected by external factors.

Magnetic field emission technology:In accordance with the current international safety standards adopted, the weak magnetic field technology is used for the wearer of the cardiac pacemaker, the pregnant woman, the floppy disk, the film, the video tape and so on.

 Identifying metal technolgy:product has the function of identifying black metal and nonferrous metal, and makes different sounds according to the different metal properties.

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