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4 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Model No: AT-100B 4 zones narrow width door frame metal detector 4 detection zones,200 grades sensitivity each zone,liuminium cover,high detecting accuracy. unit price :USD400-500/unit.minimum order:20 units. Delivery: 7 days.packing: carton

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Product Details

2017 new model 4 zones narrow width door frame metal detectors

Model No:AT-100B



 It is economical, practical and cheap; mainly match moderate detection requirement places such as night-clubs or entertainment location.With body height detection design and built-in electromagnetic fields, metal items carried by human can be generated through the alarm device, items like various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other items containing metal and so on. As a anti-theft examination an effective tool. 


· Head-to-toe uniform detection field

· Sensitivity level, three patterns such as high, middle and low for various requirements

· Easy to assemble using instruction manuals

· Visible alarm simultaneously to ascertain layout of metal articles

· Count passengers and alarm times automatically

· Password protection and only authorized person can operate

· High-portable

· Nice for use at building entrances, malls, airports and market or factory entries

· Ensitive control knob for precise setting at desired levels

· Inspection rate: 1 person/second

· Detection zones: 4 zones

· pre-set metal size, weight, volume, location to exclude coin, key and belt

· Automatic fault diagnostic

· Anti-interference function, using advanced interactive transmitting and receiving to avoid interference

· No harm to human body with heart peacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy and recording tapes

More details,pls check PDF file attached.


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