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4 Zones Door Frame Metal Detector

Model No:AT-100A Detection zones: 4 zones Display:High brightness LED Sensitivity : 200 grades each zone Indoor usage for access security control.

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Product Details

Economic type 4 zones walk through metal detector security check gates

Model No:AT-100A


Product brief introduction:

 1. Accuracy: The maximum sensitivity is in the middle of the door, one or two coins can be detected, it can be detected a hundred times when walking a hundred times, and isn’t be omitted and crossfire. It can also eliminate the affect of belt buckle,leather shoes and the can detect more than 300g copper aluminum,zinc and other metals or controlled knives and guns.
 2. The number of statistics:it could accutately detect the number of passengers and alarm,not calculate more or less.
 3. Anti-shock design: Exclusive worldwide shock design, standing in the middle of the door, with the hand on both sides of the door, the door will not false positives.
 4. Sensitivity adjustment:it can be adjusted according to the needs,totolled one hundred grade level sensitivity.
 5. Gate material:it is fire preventation board,outer: waterproof membrane,inner: aluminum alloy pillar. 

More details to be seen in attached pdf file.




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