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24 Zones Oval Column Walkthrough Metal Detector

Model No.: AT-300A 24 zones Oval type 7 inch touch screen walk-through metal detector Detection zones: 24 zones, display: 7 inch touch screen LCD adjustable sensitivity:255 levels

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Product Details

24 zones oval type 7inch touch screen LCD walk-through metal detector

Model No.: AT-300A

Advanced functions:

Multi-zones technology24 zones,adjust sensitivity of each zone individually.

★ Touch screen technology7 inch HDMI LCD touch screen,easy to operate and understand.

★ Mobile connection technologyrealize mobile app remote control (optional)

★ Super strong shell protection technologyIP 54 superior waterproof performances (optional)

★ Self-adaption diagnostic system:the function of self-adation diagnostic and detection while opening.

★ Self-adaption debug systemcan adjust the detection standard adaptively while entering debug system.

★ Start-stop technologyInfrared device has automatic start-stop technology.

★ Alarm functionalarm light and sound can be set arbitrarily.

★ Working frequencyworking frequency can be achieved by manual or automatic ways.

★ Detection technologyuniform detection technology,and no blind area.

Professional detection programThe system is built with 72 different detection standard programs (providing upgrade services)

★ Work frequency: a large range of 100 level working bands.

Security level: 100 security levels.

Detection sensitivity: maximum sensitivity of 0-255 single zone

Alarm sound mode: the system has a variety of alarm sound selection mode to adapt to different occasions.

Data statistics: the system has PASS through and back double data records, and also has FAIL through and back double data records.

Query function: the system has the function of real-time information query.

Intelligent standby: the system has intelligent standby reminding function.

Product details:


Highlight features:

Portable mobile design:

It is easy to operate and portable and requires only one operator to move the device to any place and use it immediately.

300A-portable .jpg


Touch-screen system:

Equipped with 7 inch high-definition LCD display (touch function), the operating system is more simple and intuitive, high end and convenient and intelligent.

300A-touch screen system.jpg

Many advanced function can be optional like remote app control,waterproof & rainproof design, automatic testing temperature system,face recognition system,CCTV system,etc.

300A-temperature face.jpg


300A-high low temperature.jpg

More details to be seen in PDF file of product brochure.

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