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18 Zones Oval Column Arch Metal Detector

Model No.: AT-300A portable oval walk through metal detector Display:7 inch touch screen LCD, detection zones:18 zones, adjustable sensitivity:255 levels.

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Product Details

Portable Oval Walk Through Metal Detector

Model No:AT-300A   18 zones


Product Description:

This is a portable and high-performance security check one. The detection sensitivity of the safety inspection is relatively high, and it has the characteristics of movable, waterproof, lightweight, strong anti-interference and stable performance. When the security door is assembled, it is tilting and moving to the place of use by the universal wheel group. The products are of high strength and special material. The quality of the material is very light and convenient for transportation and installation. The product is completely modular design, unified assembly line, so it can guarantee the stability of the product very well. At the same time, it has an intuitive interface and simple use, so it can be used almost without any operation training.

Function configuration:

Model No.

AT-300A 18 zones

Vertical dimension


Vertical channel size


Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Working voltage

AC90V240V 5060Hz



Working frequency range

1—100 bands

Working environment temperature


Installation environment

(W)100cm* (L)200cm (no metal in thisrange)

Location detection metal precision

Maximum sensitivity≥4g metal

300A-shut and open.jpg

300A-pass alarm.jpg

Product highlights:

300A-portable .jpg

300A-touch screen system.jpg

More details to be seen in PDF file of product brochure.


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