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12 and 18 Zones Dual-function Walk Through Gate

Model No:AT-1088X Super high quality walk through metal detector with dual system detection function. 12 zones and 18 zones can be switched mutually,400 levels adjustable sensitivity each zone. Unit price :USD4200-5200/unit,Payment:T/T or sight L/c,Delivery: 7 days,Packing :carton or wooden cases.

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Product Details

Super high quality and detection accuracy walk through metal detector gates

Model No:AT-1088X


Product desciption:

    Intelligent security gate adopts industry's most advanced digital integrated circuit with ultra high sensitivity, strong stable performance, the ultimate detection accuracy, accurate detection of 0.1g metal (iron sheet transverse) no radiation, no radiation, electromagnetic medium harmless, has advanced production technology, its performance significantly improved. To produce small eddy current of metal and nonmetal with electromagnetic induction capacity can be enlarged, under the premise of optimizing the detection performance of the detection result in the interference factors of instability phenomenon, we are in the process and circuit design has made a great breakthrough and improvement.

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