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12 and 18 Zones Dual-function Walk Through Gate

Model No:AT-1088X Super high quality walk through metal detector with dual system detection function. 12 zones and 18 zones can be switched mutually,400 levels adjustable sensitivity each zone. Unit price :USD4200-5200/unit,Payment:T/T or sight L/c,Delivery: 7 days,Packing :carton or wooden cases.

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Product Details

Super high quality and detection accuracy walk through metal detector gates

Model No:AT-1088X


Product desciption:

    Intelligent security gate adopts industry's most advanced digital integrated circuit with ultra high sensitivity, strong stable performance, the ultimate detection accuracy, accurate detection of 0.1g metal (iron sheet transverse) no radiation, no radiation, electromagnetic medium harmless, has advanced production technology, its performance significantly improved. To produce small eddy current of metal and nonmetal with electromagnetic induction capacity can be enlarged, under the premise of optimizing the detection performance of the detection result in the interference factors of instability phenomenon, we are in the process and circuit design has made a great breakthrough and improvement.

Hightlight Features:

Real-time adjustment of microcomputers in intelligent magnetic field correction system (magnetic field never degenerate)

★  The intelligent detection of the peripheral frequency can be automatically or manually adjusted (with thousands of types.Electronic products do not interfere with each other at the same time (for 2 thousand groups of frequencies)

★ Intelligent working mode detection zones selection: 12 zone 18 zone ( switch mutually)

Intelligent motherboard software can be upgraded with a variety of equipment

Optimization of blind area for dynamic detection of hand and foot (anti leakage)

Intelligent waveform detection system (no magnetic line of force can also alarm, needle

Leakage of non-magnetic metals in security doors, complementary waveform scanning)

★ Intelligent sound and light alarm, adjustable volume, and the light can be displayed on the left or right side of the metal.

Four column LED display, (two-way control)

Intelligent 8 bit encrypted remote control to ensure security of security parameters (specified authorization)

Main host display:Four sets of integrated systems for main control board to be superior sensitivity and accuracy.

Technical data:

Model No.


Vertical dimension


Vertical channel size


Main host packing size


Door frame packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Working voltage

AC90V~240V 50/60Hz



Working frequency range

7000-8999 HZ

Working environment temperature


Installation environment

(W)100cm* (L)200cm (no metal in thisrange)

Location detection metal precision

Maximum sensitivity≥0.1g metal

Technical standard:

Electrical appliances refer to EN60950 safety standards


Radiation reference to EN50081-1 standard execution


Anti-jamming reference EN50082-1 standard execution


Implementation (GB15210-2003) version of the metal probe gate standard

Enterprise certification through IS09001:2008 quality management system

Enterprise through 0HSASl 8001 occupational health certification

Enterprise through ISO14001 environmental management certification

CE certification through EU



Function display:

Detection accuracy: the highest sensitivity in the middle of the door to detect a pin (or 1/2) and on paper clips, not missing, can be excluded, leather belt buckle, effects of bras and other items to detect more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other precious metals or knives and guns

Anti-jamming design: according to the surrounding environment, the frequency is set automatically to avoid interference, and the multiple doors are close together when working side by side, and there is no effect on the detection performance.

Detection zones display: the product is divided into 12 zones and 18 areas, which can be switched to each other, and the suspicious objects can be displayed accurately in each area.

Frequency setting: 11 frequencies can be set automatically, different ringtones are set at different frequencies, and manual settings can be set, 7000-8999HZ is set arbitrarily

Sensitivity adjustment: sensitivity can be adjusted according to needs, and there are 400 levels of sensitivity in each zone.

Statistics: the number of people and the number of the alarm can be detected accurately by the two sides to the infrared.

Four side positioning lamp: the four side of the door has a LED lamp, which can intuitively display the area of the prohibited items through the positioning lamp, and the angle of view can reach 360 degrees.

Sound and light alarm: 9 types of alarm sound can be selected, each paragraph has 8 tone adjustable, alarm time can be adjusted.

Panel display: LCD display, switch between Chinese and English menus

Shockproof design: the global original earthquake proof design, in the wind or the artificial sloshing will not be misreported

One key set: built-in smart chip, store a variety of places to recommend detection sensitivity setting value, convenient for users to choose quickly.

Door material: the appearance of PVC, and the international big brand of the same material, beautiful, generous,Fire prevention, corrosion prevention, moisture proof and collision prevention, non deformation.

Remote control operation: using remote control to set parameters, parameters can be protected by password, non authorized personnel can not operate

Network management: the reserved communication interface, the wearer of the heart pacemaker, the pregnant woman, the magnetic medium and so on.


For more details,pls check pdf file attached.


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