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5mts Depth High Sensitivity Underground Detector

5mts Depth High Sensitivity Underground Detector

Model No:AT-6068D Underground metal detector Specification: Detecting depth: 1.5-5m (according to different metal volume can reach different depth.) Signal Frequency: 9.6KHZ Audio Frequency: 400HZ Power supply: DC12V storage battery Connecting Rod Length: 1.05m Net weight: 4.5kg Gross...

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Product Details

Underground metal detector Model No:AT-6068D 


Detecting depth:1.5-5m (according to different metal volume can reach different depth.)
Signal Frequency:9.6KHZ
Audio Frequency:400HZ
Power supply:DC12V storage battery
Connecting Rod Length:1.05m 
Net weight:4.5kg
Gross weight:7.25kg
Package size:46*26*50cm


 Equipped with balance lines:  remove all "mineralization reaction" effect, thereby greatly improved  the depth and accuracy of detection.  Equipped with two detection plateUnder normal circumstances, such as soil conditions in the interior, or more complicated place
 The use of small probe set for conventional detection. Conventional detection when job stability, and to distinguish accurately, anti-interference ability of soil. In exceptional circumstances, such as the soil in the field uniform lots, the goal of looking for buried very deep, you can use to deepen the large probe set detection, better detection of when the instrument has a greater depth, but susceptible to clutter

 This instrument used big coil with large detect area, high sensitivity, audio alert sonorous. It’s with the discrimination of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. It’s used to archaeology, search metals that hidden in underground also can used for army of mine-sweeper.

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