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Simple Type Under Vehicle Inspection System

Model No:AT-9008 Intelligent under vehicle inspection system AT-9008 type under vehicle inspection equipment is a multifunction security new product. It can show clear images of 4 directions in the same time and expanding our field of vision. There are two modes at...

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Product Details

Intelligent under vehicle inspection system Model No:AT-9008
Product Introduction :

9008-01.png  AT-9008 type under vehicle inspection equipment is a multifunction security new product. It can show clear images of 4 directions in the same time and expanding our field of vision. There are two modes at security check: mobile mode & fixed mode. For checking banned substance on the bottom of vehicle. It can be also installed in allow vehicles of all kinds of places of inward and outward or access to be seized vehicles, the bottom acquisition vehicle image to determine whether the bottom with bombs, drugs to prohibited item.This product has the DVR function, very convenient to save the images to SD card to do backup work, let security personnel fast inspection, improve the work efficiency.The product is suitable for use in the airport, seaport, customs, prison, the military restricted zones and the hotel security for automobile chassis for inspection area. Below is the function of the product introduction and instructions for use. please read carefully,wish you enjoy using it.

Function Introduction :
 A、15inch -LCD panel Introduction
 display panel: 15 inch colour LCD panel
 Resolution: 1280x1024
 Support multinational language menu
 SD card digital recording
 Recording format AVI
 Storage medium SDcard
 Power:DC 12V

15inch display panel characteristics
 FPS Pal:25f/sec, NTSC:30f/sec
 Resolution:D1:720X576 QVGA:360X288
 Compressed format: M-JEPG & Standard JPEG
 Detecting mode: Auto capture
 Working mode: Recorder/shoot
 Memory:SD/SDHC ≤32GB
 Power:DC12V (5V-36V customized )
 Working current: ≤250Ma
 Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃
 Working humidity 20%~85% 

4-ways of color video processor
 System characteristics :
 (1) Link 1-8 camera video signal, adjustable brightness, contrast and
 saturation, color and sharpness
 (2) high definition
 (3) NTSC standard:720x480、60hz,PAL format:720x576、50hz
 (4) The diversity of the display mode, four frames, the two images,
 single picture, the paint of paint to be automatic switch display mode
 (5) High performance screen freezes function: flashing pictures capture
 (6) high-performance graphics electronic amplification function, can
 choose magnified area
 (7) Diverse characters cascade information, a camera in the title, headlines
 and real-time time and alarm date/video lost/motion detecting information.
 (8) menu language support in both Chinese and English, can be in four exchange
 pictures and single picture mode playback。
 (9) provide several input methods:(if need for external alarm output function, need another request to add this function)Alarm input, video lost detects, motion detecting can record article 60 incident reports, built-in buzzer alarm.

For more details,pls check PDF file attached.

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