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Under Vehicle Surveillance Mirror

Model No:AT-9007S Safety Security Products Under Vehicle Search System 1.16m Rode Length Specification: 1. Dimension: 23mmx50mm. 2. Flexible pipe: 940mm 3. Camera casing:Stainless steel 304 4. Camera lens: Sapphire blue 5. Sensor dimension:1/4 inch 6. Senor pixel:PAL@720X576/NTSC: 720X480 7....

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Product Details

Safety Security Products Under Vehicle Search System 1.16m Rode Length 

Model No:AT-9007S


Feature and Application:   
 It is used for inspection the container and other special occasions if they are normal.
 Also search life after the earthquake.


Items per Carton:

1 Boxes / Box

Package Measurements:

52X24X9 CM

Gross Weight:

4.00 KG

Package Type:

vehicle security product aluminum box:1piece/box

 1. Camera casing:Stainless steel 304 
 2. Waterproof standard:IP68 
 3. Rod Max length:1.16m 
 4. Camera light source:12 LEDs 

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