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Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Model No:AT-9006D High definition under vehicle inspector mirror Specification: Dimension: 23mmx50mm. Flexible pipe: 500mm Camera casing: Stainless steel 304 Camera lens: Sapphire blue Sensor dimension:1/4 inch Senor pixel:PAL@720X576/NTSC: 720X480 Lens visible angle: 120 degrees Camera...

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Product Details

High definition under vehicle inspector mirror
Model No:AT-9006D


 1. High definition flexible hose camera, the minimum volume to 2.5cm, suitable for different angles and special occasions.
 2. Equipped with 4.3 inch LCD screen, showed more clear.
 3. With infrared light supplement can be used for the dark place or use at night.
 4. Portable-type pipe, a single-hand operation to check the height.
 5. Supplied by manufacture with competitive price.
 Applied to check the car/table/under stools or container and others special occasions if they are normal, security/anti-terrorism/after the earthquake search tool life.

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