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Why Does The 5030 Security Checker Divide A And C?
- May 08, 2018 -

Some people always have such questions, why the 5030 security inspection machine is divided into A and C models, anyway, the appearance looks the same, the price should be so big. With this question we now analyze why the 5030C is so expensive. What are the differences in their uses? Which customer groups are suitable for.


5030A and 5030C baggage x-ray scanner machine appearance dimensions are exactly the same, the detection channel size is the same (width 500mm * height 300mm), the technical principle of detection is the same, are x-ray penetration of the scanned object, and then display the items Shapes and colors. The operating software is also the same through the keyboard, mouse operation.


What are the differences between them? The answer is the core component, and therefore the difference in price. The biggest difference between the 5030's A and C  machines is two things:


One is that the core X-ray source is different, and the ray source determines the penetrating ability. The radiation power of Type A is 80KV, and that of Type C is 140KV. It also represents the difference in penetration. 5030A luggage x-ray scanner can penetrate 8-10mm stainless steel plate, 5030C can penetrate more than 30mm stainless steel plate.


Second, based on the source of the X light , the imaging angle and method are not the same. The 5030A x-ray screening machine is single-energy imaging. The single-energy X-ray imaging can only be imaged by different attenuation of the radiation, and it cannot distinguish the difference in density very well. The color of the displayed image is not so rich and obvious. The 5030C security inspection machine is dual-energy imaging. The displayed items are richer in color and stronger in the sense of hierarchy. The difference between organic matter, inorganic matter and mixture is more clear. The spectrum generated by dual-energy X-rays has two bands with two central values. The single energy has only one band, one center value.


Based on the above comparison, we can see the difference between the two security inspection machines. The 5030A is generally used for places where exhibitions, factories, public activities and other requirements are not particularly high, while the 5030C is mainly used for public security agencies, prisons, and government agencies. Interrogation, high security and other places.


There are two things to look for when buying an appropriate 5030 security machine: budget and security levels.