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What Should Be Taken Into Consideration In The Selection And Purchase Of A Full High Switch?
- Apr 23, 2018 -

What should be taken into consideration in the selection and purchase of a full high switch?


Many places, because the requirements for safety are relatively high. Therefore, the selection of import and export management equipment is also more stringent. Such as prisons, high confidentiality companies, enterprises and institutions. In this way, the whole height switch has entered the eyes of our customers. And when we choose the full height gate, what issues should we consider?


What should be taken into consideration in the selection and purchase of a full high switch


1. Personnel safety

We should understand the mechanism of all high rotation sluice in the aspects of personnel movement track and behavior recognition detection, illegal entry anti clipping mechanism, emergency response processing and so on. These aspects are also the basis of ensuring high security of human channel products.


Two. Security and security

To understand the handling mechanism of all high revolving gates for detecting, stopping and alarming illegal entry personnel, so as to prevent the occurrence of personnel trailing phenomenon. The trailing detection function includes two kinds of detection methods, one is trailing entry detection, the other is reverse entry detection.


The trailing behavior in the trailing detection function refers to the deception that the personnel attempt to pass through a full high switch without legal authorization. When the authorized personnel pass through the channel, they have left the safe area of the channel, when the channel door fan will automatically shut down, but at the same time there are unauthorized personnel attempting to follow through the passage. The door fan will stop the pedestrians from passing through, and the channel will send out a sound alarm and a warning light; when the authorized person is passing through the channel, there is no safe area to leave the channel, then the trailing person tries to follow the entry, because in the design, we consider the safety of the person, and if the door fan closes, it will hurt the person, so this is the case. The channel door fan will not be closed, but the channel equipment will have sound alarm and indicator light alarm to indicate the abnormal situation of our staff, which reflects the ability of security and protection of the full high switch and the protection of personal safety.


Three. Performance safety

The applicable unit should be aware of the motor technology, the failure operation time, the passing rate in the unit time and the maintainability of the system.


In terms of ensuring reliability, the first important gate unit system. The brushless servo drive technology is used for the door drive unit of the high end full height rotary gate. At present, servo drive technology is the most advanced technology of motor. Most of the products in the market use ordinary DC motor, and the advantages of using brushless servo motor are fast running speed, no mechanical loss, accurate positioning and smooth running.


What problems should be taken into consideration in the selection and purchase of a full high switch? The above is the introduction of technicians from Suzhou to give you an introduction to our customers and friends. Suzhou technology, as a professional R & D and production company, has absolute advantages. Therefore, if you need the gate machine, you can call our hotline: 013656250456, our staff will give you a professional introduction.