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What Is The Attention To The Installation And Commissioning Of The Walk Through Metal Detector Security Inspection Door?
- Feb 06, 2018 -

What is the attention to the installation and commissioning of the walk through metal detector security inspection door?


Before installing, first check whether the voltage is in the normal range, if the voltage is smaller than the normal value, it will not be able to open the machine. It is suggested that the power transformer can be increased when customers purchase.


Many people don't know how to install the door part of the walk-through metal detector. Actually, it's easy to install. As long as we distinguish the right and left door panels, we can set up the security check when we set the screws properly. Electrical measurement of infrared, if the infrared is normal, and then test each square area, to ensure that the door farme security door performance is normal, and then according to customer requirements.


After debugging, operation of skilled people know so far, the installation of metal detector, test the existence of false positives, if not the surrounding environment factors, we reduce the sensitivity settings, see if false positives can be reduced, if not reduced, according to the following method to test, if the above method can’t remove the interference, we suggest to replace the installation.  try to reduce the interference problem.


There is a false alarm when installing the metal detection door. When the detection voltage is within normal range, the switching frequency needs to be adjusted to reduce the frequency interference between the surrounding environment and the security check door, so as to know the normal operation of the security gate.