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The Solution Which Airport Luggage Scanner Safety Inspection Machine Is Unable To Use
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The solution which airport luggage scanner safety inspection machine is unable to use


When we find that the system can be electrified in the process of using the security scanner equipments, we can refer to the method and solve the problem when there is no other function.

May cause analysis:

(1) the power supply of the electronic controller or the ray source controller is not inserted in the socket.

(2) the contactor KM2 is damaged.

(3) damage of switching power supply.

(4) there is no connection between the net and the net

(5) the serial port line connected to the industrial control machine is not connected.

Exclusion methods:

(1) insert the electronic controller or the ray source controller plug into the corresponding socket.

(2) replace the contactor.

(3) change the switching power supply.

(4) connect the wire to the industrial control machine.

(5) connect the serial port line to the industrial control machine.

Note: incorrect voltage output will damage the device, and the power supply should be disconnected when changing and adjusting.