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Information Introduction Of RFID Long Distance Vehicle Management System In Parking Lot
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Information introduction of RFID long distance vehicle management system in parking lot


RFID recognition in parking management system is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency IdentificatiON, that is, radio frequency identification. It is a kind of non touch active recognition technology. It can quickly pursue item tracking and data exchange through active identification policy of radio frequency signal. Recognition operations do not need manual intervention, and can be used in various harsh environments.


According to the remote sensing field parking RFID skills management system is now the world's first active parking lot management method is one of the parking lot for the development trend, safe and stable, it is the active degree of manual handling or close identification system can not reach. It can not copy, interfere, fight, fight, identify quickly and intelligently. It will undoubtedly provide a brand-new solution for all kinds of yards. The system can accomplish functions such as entering and leaving completely, no parking, active identification, active registration and active release. The background processing software can perform many functions such as executing inspection, entering and leaving vehicle information, entering and leaving time inquiry, report form, payment record inquiry, information prompt and so on. The system has the following advantages:

1. fast moving policy

2. high secrecy, high adaptability

3. outstanding security and anti-interference

4. strict charge to deal with, eliminate private charge, add income

5. environment-friendly, paperless work

6. high level of safety

The 7. operation is simple and reliable.

8. establish a new property management image

 RFID 车辆管理系统.png

Function of long distance parking management system

Save manpower: import complete unmanned mode;

Identification: whether the vehicle that comes to the card is not to have access authority;

The issuing of temporary parking lot temporarily enter the vehicle active issuing temporary parking card; issuing method can select the button, the button car card card, a computer card car; active payment of temporary card options available for car card, card car without a card issuing machine; after the car must stay card will take to the hand gate to open, when the card sent out after 20 seconds without being removed, the opportunity to take the initiative to the card issuing recovery box, to avoid the lost card;

Information records: when reading cards, the timing, address, vehicle information and owner's identity are recorded synchronously.

Drawing: synchronize the drawing of the incoming vehicle with the opening instruction and store it in the database so as to check the vehicle and check it in the future.

License plate recognition: active access to vehicle license plate number, as the vehicle entry into the parking lot has unique identification symbol, can be used for vehicle identification and access in the future.

Full display: when the parking lot is stopped, the vehicle will be prompted by the LED display screen to stop the button, but still retain the function of the computer card, so as to satisfy some special vehicles and people's entry requests.

Information display: high brightness LED display, even in outdoor sunlight, show the information is still clearly visible; the presentation of information in English bilingual show, for WTO environment, foreign owners continue to add the scene information; dapper, can be clearly presented to the owners, and not to delay the moment of entering the vehicle;

Voice prompt: sound and prompting is convenient and comprehensive; imitation of human voice is clear and pleasant; pluggable digital voice module facilitate system integration and promotion; with large storage capacity, satisfied with a variety of voice prompt information output.

RFID card management: RFID card issuance, authorization data changes, the loss of lift / loss, back card, empty the recycle management; the maximum number can handle the loss of the card system is 10 thousand (i.e. the blacklist number of 10 thousand); the maximum capacity is 232-1 Zhang card system;

Universal query function: may be combined through a condition or more conditions, query the car usage, card usage, vehicle and other relevant information, and can according to customer's requirement, generate reports, or easily call other electronic report system.


Statistical management: providing all kinds of statistical data in different forms of reports, providing any form of query and output in the form of reports;

Equipment monitoring and management: to control the gate open and close, stop, control card machine card; real-time detection of gate working state and display with vivid image, real-time detect the working state of the storage card number card and displayed in a vivid way, whether the existence of vehicles and to the vivid the image of the way the real-time detecting vehicle detector working state and the induction coil;

System settings: through simple mouse click, you can easily set up the system, such as / no image contrast system, data retention time, choose the authorized card issuing device, charging method, yes / no full bit prompt, etc.

Offline, off grid operation system: in a computer failure or network access conditions, still can work normally; offline vehicle and field records can save 10 thousand; when the computer or network after repair, control machine offline records will be uploaded to the computer storage, security system 24 hours of uninterrupted operation;

Card: a card can be used in multiple systems (e.g., parking lot, entrance guard, patrol, attendance, fees, access gate etc.), service and application of a variety of card authorization can be a complete;

Control mode setting: a control machine can control multiple gates, or multiple control devices to control one gate.

Permission management: multiple entry and exit parking lots, which can set a vehicle to enter all the entries / entries, or to restrict several entries / entries that the vehicle can enter or leave.

Peak mode setting: entrance / control equipment can use a simple jumper plug converts into / export equipment, with the conversion of management software, can easily be set into the system from normal mode on / off peak to peak case management, vehicle access.

Remote management function: for the convenience of the owner, card can be remotely extension, namely card owners if there are delays, just call the management office management office computer through this card without delay, the main card personally on truck to the management office to carry out extension, thus greatly convenient to the owners, but also improve the quality of service.


Nested management functions: in the parking lot inside nested parking lot management mode, which is usually a large set of small parking lot system, and nested functions in the offline off network state can be realized. This is the only system in the industry really solve this problem; the following four modes can be achieved by simple the jumper setting system: the entrance, exit, the car cart field entrance floor car field, export vehicles entering the field can be played directly from the cart through the field, when issuing the license card can also enter into the field of small yard, the vehicle must first car out of the car to the field field.

A variety of sensor cards coexist: the system can use most RFID cards, ID cards and other readers at home and abroad, and these cards can be used in the same system, so that they can facilitate classified management and provide thoughtful service for owners and vehicles.

The process of long distance parking management system

Card, prepaid card vehicle admission procedures

The admission of automobile and motorcycle drove to the reader by the induction system whether there are cars, by the owner to the card, and the system induction RFID card information, the system logic is correct (such as the RFID card expired or damaged voice prompt "illegal card"), and transmitted to the computer to write information stored on RFID the card (in card system to capture the moment of entering the vehicle image, and transmitted to the computer, card reader preservation) issued a "welcome the admission, the period of validity and how long the voice prompts, Chinese electronic display shows the corresponding Chinese subtitles. MCU sends instruction gate gate, automatic open, the vehicle into the parking lot, preventing damage to vehicles detection of vehicles through the gate, automatic fall.

The operation flow of the temporary truck

The temporary admission of automobile and motorcycle drove to the entrance, by the person on duty (the car license plate prefabricated transport license plate number, vehicle etc.) and the computer card or by the owners themselves in the card reader to press the button, read the card information system, the logical judgment right after the RFID card to write information, and transmits it to the computer storage (card reader system to capture the moment of entering the vehicle image in reading and transmitted to the computer, the owners get saved), MCU sends instruction gate gate, automatic open, the vehicle into the parking lot, preventing damage to vehicles detection of vehicles through the gate, automatic fall.