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Four Kinds Of Composition Structure Of Drug Metal Testing Machine
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Four kinds of composition structure of drug metal testing machine


The principle of the pharmaceutical metal detector is a central transmitting coil and two equal receiving coils. The three coils are mounted in a probe. The oscillator sends out a high frequency magnetic field through the intermediate emission coil, which is connected to the two receiving coils, but the polarity is opposite, and the voltage output signals produced by the magnetic field are counteracted with each other when the magnetic field is not disturbed by the outside. Once the metal impurity enters the magnetic field, it destroys the balance, the induction voltage of the two receiving coils can not be offset, and the non canceling induction voltage is amplified by the control system, and the metal detector can detect the existence of metal and produce an alarm signal (detection of metal impurities). The system can use the alarm signal to drive the automatic rejecting device and so on, so that the metal impurities can be excluded from the production line.


The accuracy and reliability of the medicine metal detector depend on the stability of the electromagnetic transmitter frequency, and generally use the working frequency from 80 to 800 kHz. The lower the working frequency is, the better the detection performance of iron is. The higher the working frequency is, the better the detection performance of high carbon steel is. The sensitivity of the detector decreases with the increase of the detection range. The size of the induction signal depends on the size and conductivity of the metal particles.


Structure composition of drugs metal testing machine

The typical metal detection system consists of the following four main components.


1. Detection head

Three coils are intertwined on the non metal frame or the shaper, the coils are completely parallel between the coils, and the middle coil (the transmitting coil) passes the high frequency current to produce the magnetic field. The two coils located on both sides of the middle coil are the receiving coils. Because the two coils are exactly the same, and they keep the same distance from the transmitter, the induction electromotive force is exactly the same. When these coils are reversely connected, the EMF cancel each other, thus forming "zero output", that is to achieve equilibrium. It is then perfused with cement to ensure that the magnetic field is in a state of dynamic equilibrium without the passage of the product, and is not affected by the external environment such as temperature change, vibration, electromagnetic interference and so on. When the product is tested, the product passes through three coils. If the metal foreign body is included, the balance of the magnetic field will be broken and the induction current will be generated to detect all kinds of metal foreign objects.


2. Control panel

User interface / control panel, screen and touch key type including common, usually mounted directly on the detection head. However, if the detection head is too small or is installed in places where traffic is inconvenient or unable to enter, it can be installed remotely by connecting cables.


3. Transmission system

The transmission system is used to make the product pass through the opening, the most commonly used transmission device is the horizontal conveyor belt. At the same time, for different product applications, we can choose the gravity drop (powder or particle in the pipe), the horizontal pipe type (liquid and fluid), and the plastic guide grooves commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.


4. Automatic elimination system

The automatic elimination system is used to eliminate any infected product from the production line, usually installed on the transmission system. There are many different kinds, including blow up, push rod, flip plate and so on. Eliminating the type of system will depend on the products that need to be detected.