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Brand Establishment Of Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror.
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Brand establishment of vehicle bottom inspection mirror.


First of all, under the popularization of knowledge about under vehicle inspection mirror, is also called vehicle video detection is easy to use, good vehicle safety inspection equipment, vehicle inspection as mirror manufacturers, Suzhou aoteng electronic think: to establish a good brand to be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. It is considered that only by establishing high quality, affordable and well service brands can we get the attention of the customers and establish a long-term and stable win-win cooperation mode with our customers. The establishment of word of mouth is the first element to adapt to the market competition.


The under vehicle surveillance camera  is divided from the angle of applicability:

Video vehicle inspection mirror, the instrument is equipped with universal wheel, 3.5 inch digital LCD screen, convenient operation, direct and practical, equipped with high-definition video shot, with light and DVR video function, can in the process of operation and inspection records at night.


Infrared visual vehicle inspection vehicle inspection mirror,replaced with a camera, and is equipped with 4.3 inch LCD display, display with 2 million 650 thousand color pigment TFT digital screen. The sole development drive board has powerful functions such as the conversion of the left and right images and 5 times the electronic light conversion. Make the picture more vivid and brighter. The camera uses a CMOS sensor and a bright white light LED supplement, which can be used even in the dark.


Portable vehicle inspection is composed of convex lens, 30CM large square mirror, high-power high brightness white light LED lamp, rechargeable battery. The economy is portable, simple and clear, and consists of three wheels with supporting activities. It is a portable inspection tool with wide range of motion and suitable for different angles. It is widely used to check the bottom of cars, tables, stools, etc.