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Liquid Scanner

  • Desk Type Dangerous Liquid Scanner

    Desk Type Dangerous Liquid Scanner

    Liquid Scanner -Model: AT1000 Identify chemical composition of liquids, which is sealed in bottle or can. Control access security of airport, train station, subway, gymnasium, important government office, boarder, and seaport and so on. No radiation, harmless to people and...Read More

  • Handheld Liquid Detector

    Handheld Liquid Detector

    Handheld/Portable Dangerous Liquid Scanner AT-1500 1. Component: The host and charging base 2. Limited material of bottle / can: Iron, aluminum, plastic, glass, porcelain, china, pottery. 3. Limitation of bottle: Bottle size no less than: 5.5cm*1.5cm, capacity no less than...Read More

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