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Right-angle Tripod Turnstile Gate

Right-angle tripod turnstile gate Model No: SZAT-S2000A

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Product Details

Right-angle tripod turnstile gate

Model No: SZAT-S2000A


Main Functions and Features of the System:

● The entire system runs smoothly, with a small noise and free of mechanical impact.The system adopts the exclusive technique of Jaw clutch. As a result, the turnstile is more accurate and reliable for zero point locking and unlocking.

● DC Brushless Motor, Maintenance Free

● It has failure self-detect and alarm indication function, facilitating maintenance and application for the users.

● It is provided with multiple operation modes for selection. It can either read card in double way for flow limit, or reading card in a way while barring in the other, or read card in a way while free passage in the other. Moreover, the operation mode of turnstile may be set up with the built-in small keyboard.

● It has automatic function of opening or closing when power off.

● The equipment is provided with a unified, standard electric interface and is available to be integrated with various read/write facilities to facilitate the system integration. It is able to realize far end control and management with the help of administrative computer.

● It has a function of reading card with or without memory, and it may be set up with the built-in small keyboard in accordance with the requirements of the users.

● Counting the passing people number automatically, and with LED display

● Direction indicator function, showing passing or prohibiting for the people

● Prohibiting opposite direction passing, one side reading the card, the other side will lock when you passing forcedly; the locking time can be set, and unlocked by the card.

● Prohibiting illegal passing, the turnstile without the card, the locking time can be set, and unlocked by the card.

● Anti-hit against function, when the turnstile touches the passing people, it will stop and after several seconds, it will turn again.

● Self resetting function, the system will cancel the people passing right when reading the card but not passing, the time can be set.

● RS485 Communication function


Technical parameters:


304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Cabinet thickness:


External dimension:


Stick length:


Channel width :


More details to be seen in PDF file attached

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