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Dual Core Vertical Tripod Turnstile

Vertical dual core tripod turnstile gate Model No:AT-2200A Size:420*330*980mm IP degree:IP43 Power votage : AC220±10% 50hz Input signal : 12v DC level or 12v pulse more than 100ms

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Product Details

Vertical dual core tripod turnstile gate 

Model No:AT-2200A


Product application:

● It is compact and cost-effective entrance solutions

● The body is made of brushed stainless steel which is robust,rigid,anti-rust and durable.

● Tripod turnstile gate is ideal for indoor and outdoor settings.

● It can be integrated with any kind of access control system ( e.g. RFID device,push button,fingerprint and biometric device.

● In case of emergence ,the tripod turnstile gate will drop down when power off.

● It is suitable for all kinds of places.


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