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ARC Tripod Turnstile Barrier Gate

Arc tripod turnstile barrier gate Model No: SZAT-S2008 DC Brushless Motor, no maintenance all the life, No Attrition, Low-noise, High Intelligence.

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Product Details

Arc tripod turnstile barrier gate

Model No: SZAT-S2008


DC Brushless Motor, no maintenance all the life, No Attrition, Low-noise, High Intelligence.


Technical parameters:


304 stainless steel




1200 mm * 280 mm * 980 mm

Lever length:

520 mm - 550 mm

Power supply:

AC220V±10V, 50HZ

Running Life:

≥5 million times(continuous opening and closing.)

Lever-falling device:

automatic fall out of power or remote control

Lever Direction:

one-way or two-way

Lever driving force:

3 kg

Lever transmission ways:

digital ways

Travel switch:


Light hint:

pass in green light, prohibit in red light

Power of ndicator light:

DC12V ±5%

Working environment:

indoor and outdoor

Environment temperature:

 - 30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Relative humidity:

≤95%, no condensation.

Induction card reader installation:


Controller installation:


Control signals:

relay signals input.

Passing speed:

30 persons per minute


Standard features:

● Low noise, no mechanical impact

● Single directional or Bi-directional

● High operation with quick response

● Excellent design, with high quality

● Robust, rigid , anti-rust and durable

● Smoothly working system

● Self-test function


Added function:

● Counting function available (counter)

● Information display option (LCD display screen)

● Audible sound prompt

● Invalid entering alarm

● Auto-lift-arm function (full automatically type)

Access control system:

Access control system.jpg

● Rfid card or wristband control

● Fingerprint or fingerprint +rfid+password

● QR code /barcode , ticket control

● Esd testing system

● facialrecognition

More details (attached PDF file)

Packing details:


Production process:

生产工艺流程barrier gate.png

Can be customized specially:


trade背景_barrier gate.png

Project cases:


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