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Subway Entrance Control Swing Barrier Gate

Model No:SZAT-B8017 Luxury entrance control single core swing barrier gate Power voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ Drive voltage:AC12V+AC18V Input signal:12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms Length of swing arm:500-600mm Pass speed:Less than 30 person/minutes Product size:1200(L)*280(W)*980(H)mm

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Product Details

Luxury entrance control columnar inclined single core swing barrier gate

Model No:SZAT-B8017


Product features:

Barriers made from stainless steel,acrylic glass etc,mechanical anti-pinch structure enable motor to stop working automatically in given time if there is something on the way during reset ,and reset again after defaut time delay.

Automatic counting indicating passenger’s number

Human base model indication function,real time displaying,improve the passing rate and convenient maintain

Anti pinch function,bariers auto open when power shut,insure user safety.

Break-in,tail,over-pass and reverse alert function in order to keep orderliness and effective manage.

Super combinatin capacity,adjustable model on site

Barrier move speed auto adjust with card reader,problem self-recovery,error calls function which could convenient users and operators

Standard input/output port,meanwhile leaving a port space for installing RS485 communication,connect and manage the integrated systems through the remote PC

Turned up-coverage is water-proof and easy maintain

Open direction adjustable even though power off.


Structure and configuration

Case : 1

Swing arm : 1

Control board: 1 set

Direction indicator plate: 1

Transformer: 1

Motor :1

Logic board:1

Infrared :3-8 couples(optional)

Voice module :1 set (optional)

Count boards:1 (optional)

Machine core and transmission part:1 set


Technical parameters:


304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Cabinet thickness:


External Dimension:


Length of the bar:


Simple pendulum channel:


Double pendulum channel:


Scope of application

Station, wharf, tourist attractions, import and export channel management

Exhibition, swimming pool and other ticket channel management

Import and export enterprises attendance, access control, consumer management

Special channel control


Function of the sluice: all the functions of the sluice are universal, and the difference lies in the shape and size.

Custom development: all products (soft / hardware) of the company can be customized or set according to the actual needs of the user.

Extensible function:

Sound and light alarm functions, including illegal intruding of alarm, anti clamp alarm, etc.

Counting function;

Infrared reset function;

The chassis is lengthened, the swing arm is lengthened and so on.


Use together with access control system:

It can combine with different kinds of access readers,like: RFID Reader&Fingerprint Reader &Coin Machine&Barcode System&ESD Tester Access Control(If you have access control system,you can only purchase our turnstiles,if not, our side will install the access control system for you),except acess system,also can use remote(this is free gift to you).



check whether the fastener is loose and shedding once a month and fasten in time. The loosening of the screw is very easy for the gate brake to rise and fall, and other faults.

clean the dust and sundries on the surface of the box, and keep the surface of the road clean. Clean surface can give people a good image, and at the same time, it can avoid rusting of the system.

every 3 months to join the accessories to the activities of the lubricating oil, to maintain good lubrication. Every 6 months, please check the wearing condition of the professionals and change the worn parts in time.

check the balance spring after 30 thousand times, and adjust the balance in time. Spring is easy to deform, and it may change for a long time, so we should pay attention to it.

the remote control distance is too short, please check whether the installation position of the host is covered by metal or the battery power is sufficient.

remote control battery DC12V, 23A battery, the service life of a year, pay attention to replace the battery, not damp, beat, impact.

Our advantages:


More than ten years professional experiences with own independent intellectual property rights on the core technology,mature design and strong R&D and manufacture ability.

Complete supply chain from R&D,machine tooling,assembly to pre-sale consulting,and sales as well as after-sales services,OEM & ODM is available

Strict 3-steps quality control system and pass the ISO9001 standards system and get CE ROHS FCC approval.

Offering the extended warranty service and an emergency production tunnel for urgent goods or samples.


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