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Vertical Swing Barrier Gate

Model No:SZAT-B8001 Vertical single core swing barrier gate Material:304 stainless steel cover thickness:1.5mm cabinet thickness:1.2mm External dimension:420*330*980mm

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Product Details

Stainless steel vertical single core swing barrier gate

Model No:SZAT-B8001


Product features:

It has the function of self inspection and alarm, which is convenient for the user to maintain and use.Automatic counting indicating passengers number.

The operating state of the programmable equipment through the built-in small press disk on the main control board. 

The mechanical structure of anti pinch, anti bump function, in the difficult process of the swing arm in the reset, within the prescribed period of time the motor stop working automatically, the default delay again after reset (until reset), and the intensity is very small (less than 2Kg).

When the switching signal is not received, the swing arm is automatically locked.

The swing arm is synchronously adjustable (for the double pendulum situation).

With the automatic reset function, after the opening, the system will automatically cancel the permission of the user when it is not passed in the prescribed time.

Adjustable normally opened or normally closed to meet the requirements of different sites..

Can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment to receive relay switch signal work.

One way and two way pendulum function, one way or two direction control personnel can get in and out

.Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer.

Time delay automatic reset, the standard is automatically reset 5 seconds after opening

swing arm automatic open when power off and closed automatically when power on, comply with fire safety requirements.

Sound (light) alarm function, including the illegal intrusion of the alarm, (reverse entry into the shutter) etc.

Counting function (optional).

Anti clamp function (bridge type 4 pairs of infrared optional).

Accurate logical judgment, infrared reset function (4 or 6 pairs of infrared).

Voice output, humanized prompts for correct passage (optional).

Technical parameters:


304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Cabinet thickness:


External Dimension:


Length of the bar:


Simple pendulum channel:


Double pendulum channel:


Can be used together with access control system:


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