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Security Control Bridge Inclined Swing Gate

Model No: SZAT-B8009 Security control bridge inclined single core swing gate Product features: ● Barriers made from stainless steel,acrylic glass etc,mechanical anti-pinch structure enable motor to stop working automatically in given time if there is smethng on the way during reset ,and reset...

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Product Details

Security control bridge inclined single core swing gate

Model No: SZAT-B8009



Use together with access control system:

It can combine with different kinds of access readers,like: RFID Reader&Fingerprint Reader &Coin Machine&Barcode System&ESD Tester Access Control(If you have access control system,you can only purchase our turnstiles,if not, our side will install the access control system for you),except acess system,also can use remote(this is free gift to you).

Product size:


Check PDF file for product details.

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