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ESD Control Sliding Barrier Gate

Model No:SZAT-PY898 Single core slide barrier gate Power voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ Input signal:12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms Length of arm:240mm Structure :Frame or 304 stainless steel cover Width of passage:≤600mm Product size:1400(L)*335(W)*1000(H)mm

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Product Details

Single core slide barrier gate

Model No:SZAT-PY898


Product introduction

 The product is shaped by SUS304 stainless steel sheet. Intelligent sliding gate is an intelligent channel management equipment that has been carefully developed, developed and produced for many years. It is a high-tech product which is mainly used for intelligent management of personnel passages. The equipment will be mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and identification technology organically, through the matching identification system and equipment with safety protection device and reliable alarm device, directions, and expand the friendly LED count display interface, realize the coordination of channel intelligent control and management.


Technical parameters:

Case material :

SUS304 stainless steel

Box size:

1400 length *335 width *980 height (mm)

Channel width:

less than or equal to 550mm

Door body:

240mm (cabinet)

Gross weight :

115 kg


one-way or two-way

Working voltage:

AC220 + 10% V/50 + 10% HZ

Drive motor:

DC brush motor (24V)

Pulse signal input interface:

12V dry contact signal or 12V signal or pulse width is larger than 100ms, the drive current is more than 10mA

Communication interface:


Pass speed:

40 / min (opening state)

Gate opening and closing time:

1-2 seconds

Run time:

3 seconds

Reset time:

10 seconds

Working environment:

indoor and outdoor (shade)


-16 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius

Relative humidity :

less than 90%, no condensation

Use together with access control system:

 It can combine with different kinds of access readers,like: RFID Reader&Fingerprint Reader&Coin Machine&Barcode System&ESD Tester Access Control(If you have access control system,you can only purchase our turnstiles,if not, our side will install the access control system for you),except acess system,also can use remote(this is free gift to you).

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