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Access Control Single Channel Full Height Turnstile

Model No: SZAT-Q01 Access control single channel full height turnstile Product size:1600*1500*2300mm Power supply:AC220±10% 50hz Material:304 drawing stainless steel

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Product Details

Access control single channel full height turnstile

Model No: SZAT-Q01


Product features:

 1. Access gate mechanic consist by two parts:frame and core,signal reading device would be install on the frame,main parts of core include motor,main board,shift of the controller,fix poles,turnstile supporting,turnstile,protection cover,fence etc

 2. Access direction: single or double direction (optional)

 3. Self resetting function the system will cancel the people passing right when reading the card but not passing,the time can be set

 4. Prohibiting opposite direction passing

 5. Automatic function of opening or closing when power off

 6. Direction indicator function showing passing or prohibiting for the people

 7. Control board with counting function,LED digital display function (optional)

 8. Control board with memory function can meet the groups pass through

 9. Without time delay require of the control signal thanks to adopt optical hole focus technology


Technical parameters :

Power votage :

AC220±10% 50hz

Drive voltage :


Operation condition:

- 15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Relative humidity:

no more than 95%,none-condensation

External Dimension:



304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


Standard stick length


Channel width:


More details,pls check pdf file attached.

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