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Access Control Cross Half Height Turnstile

Model No:SZAT-G01 Access control cross half height turnstile Material:304 drawing stainless steel size:1500x280x980mm channel width:550mm

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Product Details

Access control cross half height turnstile

Model No:SZAT-G01


Product introduction:

 It is formed by stamping with SUS304 stainless steel sheet. The most advanced switch control technology adopts the most advanced driving control technology, which can change the design in a large range to meet all kinds of requirements of modern buildings with different styles for intelligent entry and exit control system. The switch is especially suitable for the safe and reliable protection of the outside facilities, sports fields, entertainment places and parking facilities. This type of high gate access is designed for automatic entry and exit. The highly developed system is widely used and can be used to connect with access control card reader and ticket machine system, so as to prevent unauthorized persons from entering.

 Single core: single channel and multichannel; Dual Core: for multichannel


Technical parameters :


304 drawing stainless steel

Cover thickness:


External Dimension:


Standard stick length


Channel width:



 The prison, the military management area bank and so on and the import and export management very strict factory (such as chemical plant, construction site and so on).

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